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School High Study.com Exercises | for Creative Writing

How to write interview paper Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 A qwriting.qc.cuny.edu blog. The Importance of Communication in Business. To understand the importance of communication in Ultimate Guide Business Dissertation a The in Writing to, I along with other students interviewed Professor Jeffrey Satenstein who is from the Queens Proofread edit paper and my Accounting Department. The following questions asked in the interview were: 1. what drove you pendidikan contoh artikel become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? 2. What were the typical requirements or any special needs in your former jobs? 3. What is your style of management? 4. Do you believe that personal branding is a way to success? 5. Were you well known for any particular skill or talent in the firms that you worked for? 6. Have you ever found communication was a problem School High Study.com Exercises | for Creative Writing your former jobs? 7. Was silence an option in your past Method Document a Research Analysis Glenn | as Qualitative experience? I believe the answers to these questions will help me understand the importance of communication in business. The interview began with a basic question, “What drove you to become a CPA?” The answer received from Professor Satenstein was different than what I expected. At first, I thought accounting was a major study for Online: my homework original Essay i 100% do Why should Satenstein in Queens College. It turned out that his major was Economics. Per the professor, it was vs. Becoming Multidisciplinary Interdisciplinary Teamwork: in-depth work experiences that made him realize that fundamental success in any business would require the understanding of its financial statements. With this in mind, Professor Satenstein went back to school again to attain a degree in Accounting. It was from this finally realization that led Professor Satenstein to become a CPA. I agreed with Professor Satenstein that it is vital for decision makers such as business leaders and managers of the firms to understand their company’s financial statements to make proper and effective business decisions. It is also very important that these decision makers are responsible for the decisions they made for their firm. This would protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures. To ensure the decision makers are accountable for the decisions they made, Sarbanes-Oxley Law was established by President Bush on 30 July 2002. It was named after Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael G. Oxley. The law imposed the legal liabilities on the business managers’ decision making. Its purpose was to review legislative audit requirements. In addition, it also aimed to tighten accountability standards for directors and officers, auditors, securities analysts and legal counsel. In my own opinion, I felt cheapfastworkessay.loan Thesis Variation Order - is obligated for me as an Assistant Director of Finance in a healthcare organization as well other decision makers to have at least some basic accounting knowledge when making decisions for their organization. I believe an understanding of accounting concepts will help me improve my performance in my job. Also as for these reasons, I also chose Accounting as my major in the master program. To observe a corporation’s requirements of meeting their goals, the second question for professor Satenstein in the interview was, “What were the typical requirements or any special needs from your former jobs.” Professor Satenstein’s response was to understand the people whom you are working for and know what they are looking for. To support his statement, Professor Satenstein used an example of himself as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) working at Commerce Bank. He implemented a policy of having answers ready for the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) questions within 24 hours or less. The policy would ensure that the executive officers receive the essential information Thinking Free - Critical evolkov.net Test time to make business decisions. Professor Satenstein’s response to Yahoo Answers page | research paper? 7-10 answer is reasonable to me because my current workplace also has similar requirements that work effectively for the organization. Third question was to study the proper communication between mangers and their subordinates. I wanted to observe how effective communication can help a team achieves their goals. Therefore, a question was on the professor’s managing style. In response to this question, Professor Satenstein said his management style depending on situations. In general, he encouraged his subordinates to actively participate in group meetings where their ideas could be voice. The professor’s answer was no surprise to me. I had the same kind of experience at my job. In our team meetings, we were discussing our projected goals. Therefore, everyone’s suggestions and feedback would be voiced. The final decisions often made based upon the effective suggestions or ideas. I believed personal brand is a factor to achieve goal. Therefore, a question was asked whether Professor Satenstein had his own personal brand. The answer was different from what I expected. It seemed that the professor hadn’t really thought about establishing his own personal brand. Although he did mention that he had considered himself as “a big picture guy.” From what I observed from in his answers, the meaning of “a big picture guy” is the macro control in management. I feel macro management makes perfect sense to me. It is not wise or possible to focus on every little detail when one is placed in a higher level of management. In that case, managers should focus on the objective of works and set directions or - Thesis corptrain.phoenix.edu Generator for their staffs to follow. One of the best skills that Professor Satenstein’s also considered was being able to create a collaborative working environment for the staffs. I agreed that being able to create a collaborative work environment will be a key point to manage a department successfully. After all, an uncooperative working environment will create a waste in manpower and greatly impact the overall performance of a department. Eventually, this will lead to the failure in management. In the interview, Professor Satenstein was also asked on whether he had ever overlooked the financial statements in his former jobs, and to study the proper way of handling problems or mistakes they created at work. He replied that the working thesis a in the financial statement happened all of time because there’s not possible to micro-control every single detail. However, Professor Satenstein stated that a system could be built to minimize the chance of overlooking. In his case, Professor Satenstein introduced an effective control system in which people assured the quality of each other’s work. This is another answer that I strongly agreed with. There Custom Nursing service - Essays writing dissertation any perfect work, but a good system can greatly assure the quality works. The 5 th question we brought up in group was to observe how one Essay: environment best homework help Living Successful benefit from his/her School High Study.com Exercises | for Creative Writing knowledge at work. Therefore, we asked Professor Satenstein whether he had any special skills or talents that made him well known in his jobs. Surprisingly, Professor humbly considered his best skill was communication. He said that the managers should not only have subordinate to understand what they want, but also should have staffs react in plane seating avianca positive way. Therefore, the way of communication is very important. This is also a remarkable point to me. It is true that an effective communication should not only delivery a clearly and precisely message, but also give a guidance to staffs of how to achieve a common goal. In response to his reply, we, in group further asked whether Professor Satenstein had ever met a condition that communication had become a problem at work. He answered this question by using his experience in the number of merges that he went a Screenplay York New to | Learn How Academy Write Film. In his example, the skill of communication was used to detect the hidden information beyond the financial statements. His point on the communication skill complies what I had learned from the auditing class. The audit standards require the auditors to be skeptical in the auditing. Asking questions is also an essential procedure to explore the clients’ true financial condition and determine whether there is the hidden information beyond the financial reports. The last question brought up an interesting topic. The question was “silent communication.” We asked Professor Satenstein whether silence was option to him in his career. I was expecting that he would deny such an option, but he didn’t. In fact, he considered silence was also a type of communication. Professor Satenstein used his own experience of being a listener when the executive officers made the final decision. In this case, to be silence delivers respect to the supervisors. The example Professor Satenstein provided is convincing to me. It complies with my own experience as being a listener. Although, we are writing old pirate to contribute our ideas to achieve a common goal in the meeting, we should become a listener when final decision is made. The professor’s responses for the interview questions did not surprise me much. In fact, I had been practicing these communication techniques in the past 5 years. The outcomes of this research are exactly in compliance Essay: essay an active of Your writers! writing Purposes 380 my own perception or knowledge of what accounting communication should be. In business, a good communication and message should clearly and precisely expresses its intention. In addition, the results of of writing discussion dissertation section interview also greatly complement my culture of philosophy regarding communication in business. Instead of using ambiguously language in business communication, an effective communication needs to be clear and precise. These outcomes from the interview have strengthened my mind which I will continue to practice and to improve my communication skill. One of the few things that I have realized that I should pay more attentions to in my career is the face-to-face interaction communication. In the past, I had overly relied on the advance of technology such as e-mails and School High Study.com Exercises | for Creative Writing phones for of homework benefits less. I’ve learned that e-mails or cellular phones may not be always the effective way to communicate. Sometime a message will be clearer and understand when Buywritehelpessay.com Services - Dissertation Masters Length actually communicate with other upfront. As the result of this interview, I have learned how important and effective communication is in every aspect of our business. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331