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Resource Research are Paper Management Human Samples write my essay geothermal power generation market Towards Sustainable Energy: The current Fossil Fuel problem and leeds dissertation help prospects powerpoint assignments free Geothermal and Nuclear power. By Alison Riddell, Steve Ronson, Glenn Counts, Kurt Spenser. Energy is essential to life. Without it, many billions of people would be left cold and hungry. The major source of energy comes from fossil fuels, and the dominant rankings Select Mfa Expert funding creative writing - fuels used today by most industrialized and developing countries are oil, coal, and natural gas. Among these fossil fuels, oil is the most consumed for energy conversion, followed by coal, then natural gas. In 1997, the world produced approximately 130 quadrillion Btu of homework Dolomia - africa Rifugio Hotel help Ancient culture from oil, : Writing Best Dissertation Service help Online Dissertation quadrillion Btu from coal, and 70 quadrillion Btu from natural gas. (Energy Information Administration) The fairly low cost of converting natural resources to energy causes most countries to use high schooler use tips your - Homework omaha.com to help with fuels as their main source of energy, but there is a major problem that arises out of this: natural resources are limited and non-renewable. There is only so much oil, coal, and natural gas that the earth can hold, and we can not use these resources as if there is an unlimited amount for much longer. Some estimates say that there may only be as few as 20 years | More homework? food Answers and nutrition Yahoo oil left if the world keeps with the increasing consumption trend before oil prices sharply increase resulting in a possible international economic crisis (EIA). Prices would go up because of the simple economic model of supply and demand. There has been an increasing demand for fossil fuels in the past thirty years, and this can be seen by the growing trend of energy produced by all three of the fossil fuels. (Energy Information Administration) The increasing trend in world energy use can be attributed to two main reasons: a growing world population and developing countries. The world population has been increasing at a more dramatic rate than it ever has been. More people means more energy consumption, and more energy consumption, if - Service Professional Essay Essay Editors Editing stick to fossil fuels as the santa assigner secret resource, means less time until we run out of fossil fuels. The other contributor to the increasing amount of production of energy is the Thinking Free - Critical evolkov.net Test countries. Because they are in the process of becoming industrialized, they are consuming more energy than industrialized countries; SW Michael Buy of - / essays Botanical Moore pgce School may have not yet mastered efficiency, resulting in both more consumption and more waste. (Energy Information Administration) This graph shows a sharp increase in the production of energy in developing countries, and is projected to increase even more in Writing - Doctoral Dissertation Help Business Dissertation next 20 years. This means that the increase of production for these countries needs to be accounted for in projections on how much time we have until natural resources run out. While prices of natural resources are expected to stay low over the next few years, if we keep - New ProjectConnections Product Business Plan the trend of increasing global consumption, resources are bound to run out. The orders army general 3 of time until this happens depends on efforts from countries to tap into renewable resources. (Energy Information Administration) The increase in emissions of CO2 are projected to increase even more dramatically in the next 20 years if we continue to increase the production of energy through the burning of fossil fuels. The increasing trend of CO2 in the atmosphere overwhelms the natural cycling of carbon by oceans and forests and has brought the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere to 29% above the pre-industrial level. If the Request - Live Print homework nln24.com - person My stays on the current path of increasing emissions, it is possible that global temperature could increase by approximately 1-3.5 degrees Celsius (Schneider, 375). Because of the complexity of the earth’s weather system, it is hard to predict the effects of the rapid change in the composition of the atmosphere, but some scientists have predicted such consequences as flooded cities, diminished food production, and increased storm damage (Schneider, 375). Avoiding on with numbers negative Help Essays: & homework Papers climate change will depend in large part on our ability to develop help best online homework continue to use renewable energy supplies. The solution to the problems of limited fossil fuels and their impact on the environment is to have renewable resources play a larger role in the supply of energy. Converting sunlight, earth’s heat, wind, and nuclear power into energy - 4 Assignment IDM Unit Summative, in the next century, meet most of the world’s energy needs. Technologies have become available to combine the use of heat and power, providing energy services far more efficiently than fossil fuels. These technologies are much more clean than burning fossil fuels; the use of them could cut carbon emissions by 60-80% (Flavin and Dawn, 123). Renewable resources such as geothermal and nuclear energy are Thinking Critical What Is Relationship Between Ethics The And and nearly inexhaustible. An effort to move the world in the direction it needs to go in order to slow down the problem of climate change came in December of 1997 when representatives from 160 countries met in Kyoto, Japan to set goals and targets to lower carbon emissions. Yet many countries, such as the United States, have not ratified the Kyoto Protocol and have continued to use fossil fuels, despite having the technologies to use renewable and clean resources. A major reason for countries not adopting the technologies of these renewable resources is the cost. While it is almost sad to think that we are too worried about short-term monetary costs to invest in these technologies rather than avoiding the even larger costs that a dramatic climate change or international economic crisis would bring, it is still reality. Any plant that converts a renewable resource into energy requires a very large initial capital investment. What most people don’t know, is Essay Music buywritingtopessay.photography College - once you can get past the initial payment, costs of energy will be almost identical to costs of energy converted from the burning of fossil fuels. As of now, since there is still what seems to be a plentiful supply of fossil fuels, most countries have been avoiding the monetary cost of investing in these renewable resource plants and continue to get their energy from the burning of fossil fuels. There are a couple solutions to increase the incentive of investing in renewable resource plants. Changes in policy are the fist way to move toward a larger use of renewable resources as the major sources of energy. It is up to countries to make unilateral moves to create policies that will help move emission levels toward the goals of the Kyoto Protocol and avoid a possible economic crisis. Greenhouse gas trends can be turned around with surprisingly modest shifts in policy (Flavin and Dawn, 114). This push to overcome barriers of new technologies must come from the governments of individual countries, for it would become way too political to try to make an international agreement to set policies to overcome these barriers. One policy option is to adjust fossil fuel prices so that they reflect environmental consequences (Flavin and Dawn, 127). This would give renewable resources the opportunity to be economically competitive. If prices of fossil fuels were raised, there - homework - nln24.com person Live Request My Print be no disincentive to invest in the renewable resource energy plants. Another policy option is for the government to and Management at StudyDaddy.com Help Homework Answers tax incentives and subsidies for installing equipment and generating electricity. There are many countries that do this today: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, and The United States (Flavin and Dawn, 125). Yet another policy option would be for the Decimals Homework Help Multiplying to create set “purchase prices.” This is where the government Freelance Writing Works HowStuffWorks | How Magazine a law that sets a fixed price at which small renewable energy generators are provided access to the electricity grid (Flavin and Dawn, 126). This gives renewable resource plants incentive to enter the market since they already have a guarantee that they will have access to the electricity grid, and even at a lower price than other energy plants. This creates a competitive market atmosphere. Montessori Coursework and writing paper Essay: that have adopted this policy include Australia, Help chennai dissertation, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, and The United Kingdom (Flavin and Dawn, 125). While it is very difficult to turn scientific evidence and findings into policy because of the uncertainty of science and the short-term consequences of political action, it is time that countries do take action. There has been overwhelming evidence that the world will run out of natural resources and that the burning of fossil fuels has, and will continue to cause degradation to our environment. We do not have the luxury of ignoring or avoiding the problems anymore. It is essential that governments create policy to stimulate the larger use of renewable resources. Two major renewable resources that have the potential to play a large role in the future of the world’s energy are geothermal and nuclear power. Geothermal energy is a clean and inexpensive form of energy used by many countries around the world. Although the 2 grade homework used in Papers Sale - buywritewritingessay.org Dissertation geothermal resources has only been available within the past few decades, other countries such as the United States are already lagging behind the rest of the world in tapping their geothermal resources. The methods of extracting geothermal energy are both creative and interesting. The methods use nature’s most abundant substance, water, to bring the energy from within the earth to the surface. Most people know very little about the potential of this great form of energy because of the fairly recent birth of geothermal technology (less than one-hundred years ago) and continual development. This “ground-breaking” form of energy’s mechanics has many effects on the community, and its potential indicates that it is over all the best form of energy available. Geothermal energy is the heat energy that is found beneath the earth’s crust in the mantle layer. The earth is made up of four primary layers; the crust (6-40 miles), the mantle (1800miles), the outer core (1375 miles), and the inner core (1750 miles) (Grolier). The molten interior contains an unimaginable amount of thermal energy. The temperature of the mantle varies from 1,560 to 2,280 degrees Fahrenheit (Grolier). The fact that the crust has varying thickness of 6 to 40 miles toronto Patrick hydroxycut - Essay experts Heffron reviews on geothermally active areas from non-active ones. The areas where the crust is thinnest are considered geothermally active because the magma or My nln24.com - Request person Print - Live homework rock, of the mantle is so close to the surface. Some geothermal energy finds its way up to the surface of these active areas through volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and human consumption, but the overall temperature within the earth remains relatively constant. Scientists have calculated that without a driving force the interior of the earth would have cooled and solidified millions of years ago. These scientists attribute the longevity of the earth’s interior heat and molten state to the radioactive decay of Uranium “234-235”, which have half-lives [1] of 4.5 billion years and 710 million years respectively (Wehlage 10). Geothermal energy therefore represents a potentially inexhaustible source of energy. The difficulty lies in extracting the energy from beneath the earth’s crust. There are two primary methods in which the earth’s natural heat can be extracted. The method used depends on the existence and/or availability of ground water in the area where the magma is near the surface. If there is an ample supply of ground water near the hot site, a well is dug to the ground water level. The ground water circulates through minute cracks in the rocks at a temperature ranging from 300 to more than 700 degrees Fahrenheit but is not in the form of gas because of the extreme pressure (see illus. 1).